3D panels are gaining increasing popularity in interior design because of their diversity and the opportunity to make every room unique and unrepeatable, add new visual effects and bright colors to the room. Furthermore, this decoration is not only very beautiful and impressive, but also practical. Modern 3D wall panels are characterized by high strength, durability and easy installation. Let's dwell on the main advantages and nuances of decorative wall coverings use.

There are several types of 3D walls panels depending on the material:

• Aluminum 3D panels. The main advantage of such wall panels is their durability and strength. They are made by punching and topped with a layer of special high-strength polymer film. This method of production is able to create designs that are suitable for any style of interior. In addition, the 3D aluminum panels do not corrode and that is why they become an ideal choice for finishing of the bathroom. They also may be used in the kitchen and living room near by the fireplace, because they do not burn and well tolerate with high temperature.

• Plastic 3D panels. This variant of walls finishing has its advantages: these panels are very light, can be installed quickly and easy to clean. Affordable price is an extra bonus of this group of panels.

• Wooden 3D panels are a great solution for interior design of the living room, bedroom or hallway. This noble material goes well with any style of room and adds comfort and convenience to the premises. Note, however, that such a wall decoration does not withstand high humidity, so it is better not to use them in the kitchen or bathroom.

• The new trend in walls decorating- bamboo 3D panels. Lightweight, easy to install, these panels allow you to create almost any visual pattern and add chic to the oriental style, minimalism or Provence style.

• Plaster 3D panels have good level of sound insulation, help to keep the heat in the room and are resistant to fire. This material keeps its shape perfectly and is very easy to use.

The main advantages of 3D panels in interior design:

- Strong and durable,

- Add dynamics and rhythm to the room,

- Tolerate mechanical damage well,

- High level of heat and sound insulation,

- Easy to install,

- Allow you to go beyond the simplicity and flat design and permit to add volume and make the room space visually more,

- With the help of such floor panels you can easily separate a certain zone in a room,

- Help to hide uneven walls.




Installation of 3D panels

Relief walls panels are very simple and easy to install. And that makes them even more attractive for both designers and owners of apartments and houses.

The very first step before the installation is the acclimatization of the premises, which has to be done in 48 hours before the montage of the panels. After that you can start the installation. You can choose one of two ways: either lag the panels on the firrings or on the wall itself. 3D panels are being connected with the help of screws or brackets. There is a number of models with slots for fixing, they are very tightly connected to each other and form a common pattern.


Our design studio is ready to offer you a great number of rooms design variants with the use of 3D panels. You and we will create a truly unique and inimitable interior where you will like to live. The examples of our works you can see in portolio.